Everton A. Edmondson, M.D., P.A.

Dr. Edmonson

Dr. Everton Edmondson and his staff of health care professionals work with dedication to allieviate your pain. With the latest technology and up-to-date medical procedures, Dr. Edmondson is able to provide high-quality, comprehensive care for his patients.

Our practice is small and family-oriented while drawing patients from across the country and abroad as well. Dr. Edmondson sees private practice as an opportunity to focus on the individual patient's health concerns. This sharpened focus allows for fast, effective treatment with lasting results.


Our Procedures

Neurologic Consultation and Neuro-Diagnostic (Including EMG/NCV Study)

Interventional Procedures

Epidural Steroid or Anesthetic Block
Intrathecal Drug Trials
Epidural Spinal Cord Stimulation
Triggerpoint Injections
Distal Peripheral Trigeminal Block
Occipital Nerve Block
Lateral Femoral Cutaneous Block
Sciatic Nerve Block
Intercostal Nerve Block
Facet Block
SI Block
Retzius Block
Ganglion Impair Injection
Stelliate Block
Lumbar Sympathetic Block
Splanic Nerve Block
Celiac Plexus Block
Superior Hypogastric Block
Pudendal Block
And many more...

Non-lnvasive Procedures

Sympathetic Therapy System

Our friendly staff is happy to answer any questions related to the procedures offered, scheduling, and payment planning.

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